(click image above for info on Mile High Revival 2020)


We're so excited to regather with you! We will currently be opening the sanctuary only to a safe, socially distanced capacity, which is 50% of our normal capacity.

We will be having one in-person service only on Sunday mornings, at 10am. We strongly recommend wearing a mask and ask that you participate in social distancing to help us ensure we meet the safety guidelines set in place by our local and federal government.


If, for now, you feel safer at home, or if you’re in a high-risk health category, please feel free to stay home and enjoy the worship service online.

Although we will be taking extra sanitization measures,

if you choose to attend, you accept full liability for your own health.

We have hand sanitizer available on-site and recommend that you bring your own mask.

If you have questions, please email admin@cacdenver.org


Together to worship Jesus

Calvary Church is a Christ-centered, Spirit-filled church. Our desire is to come together to worship Jesus until we sense His presence among us. From our founding until today, we have never lost sight of the fact that we are here in order to provide an atmosphere for God to touch lives who are searching for Him.

Meet wonderful people

When you visit our church you'll meet wonderful people who are being transformed by the grace of God. Calvary Church is a redemptive and disciple-making church. If you desire to pursue God’s will for your life, to live in the power of God’s redeeming purpose, build healthy relationships, and pattern your life after Jesus Christ, this is the place for you. We are excited about the future that God has for us, and for you!