We are a Bible-believing, family-values oriented church dedicated to worshipping the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. Our ongoing mission is to Love God, Grow in faith, Serve others, and Go change the world. The leadership team at Calvary Church is comprised of men and women who love, care, serve, and pray for our church family and community.

  • Don & Laronda haymon, ii
    Senior pastor

  • Don & sheradon  haymon, Iii  administrative  pastor

  • LOVE GOD Ministries

    Worship Experience - Dan Hammann, Alison Kelly & Don Haymon, III

    Calvary Productions | Multi-Media - Johnny Martinez

    Calvary Kids Club - Calvary Kids Leadership Team

    Calvary Youth - Bryan & Sandra Teets, II

    Calvary Young Adults - Don & Sheradon Haymon, III

  • Grow in Faith ministries

    First Steps - Calvary Admin Team

    Elements & New Life - Scott & Belinda Hammann

    Small Groups - Ben & Stacy Mitchell

    Life Nights - Calvary Admin Team

  • SERVE OTHERS Ministries

    Serve Team & Next Steps - Blake & Madison Appenfelder

    Facilities - Rebekah Rathgeber

  • Go Change the world ministries

    Calvary Cares & Chaplaincy - Bill & Jenni McHugh Jr.

    Community Outreach - Sheradon Haymon

    Prayer Network - Calvary Admin Team