• Pray for those you invited. Pray for their health, marriage, children—everything!
  • Pray for upcoming group meetings.
  • Pray during group meetings.
  • Pray for group members whether they are present or not.

Invite New People

  • Appoint greeters for your group.
  • Introduce new group members to everyone.

Start and End on Time

  • Honor people’s schedule and time.
  • Before your group starts, think through how you would like to use the meeting time.
  • You can choose to have a time of connection after your scheduled group time for those who want to stay a bit longer.

Welcome People Warmly

  • Keep a watchful eye for people who wander to the corners of the room and stand alone.
  • Make sure you have funny or interesting icebreakers. It’s not easy to recover from a bad start.

Create an Atmosphere for God to Move

  • Be prepared and expectant. God always shows up to a prepared and expectant atmosphere.
  • Believe for God to move during your group meetings.

Minister to Your Group

  • Be sensitive to the fact that first-time visitors often come to a meeting with a ministry need.
  • Don’t let your schedule inhibit you from the most important part of the meeting: ministering to the people!
  • Minister in an orderly way.
  • Train the members of your group to minister to others.

Have a Clear Purpose

  • Cast vision for the meeting.
  • Cast vision for group growth.
  • Invite group members to embrace the group vision.

Learn how to build a healthy foundation for members to grow.